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The Everbabes are the official ice girls and dance team for the Florida Everblades!  Attend a game and you will see them on the ice and dancing in the stands. The Everbabes take part in all in-game promotions and intermission games. They are also active members of the Southwest Florida community. Be sure to look out for your Everbabes at the next home game!  The Everbabes are led by Director Nina Zambelli. 

2024-2025 Florida Everbabe Auditions

Auditions will be held in late summer 2024 for the 2024-2025 season. Keep an eye out on our Instagram @FloridaEverbabes for audition announcements. We hope to see you during our 2024-2025 auditions. 


Are all Florida Everbabes required to ice skate? No, we do not require team members to skate, only the members of our ice girls team. However, we encourage all team members to improve their skating skills throughout the season.

Are Everbabes required to work every game? Each cheerleader must work at least 75% of the 36 home games each season. Home games are typically held on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. There may also be required games for intermission performances or fundraisers.

When are practices held? We hold rehearsals on Monday and Wednesday evenings leading up to opening night. Once the hockey season begins, rehearsals are held weekly on Monday nights for dancers, and monthly for ice girls based on ice availability. 

Is this a paid position? Being a Florida Everbabe is a volunteer position. Team members are asked to hold full-time jobs or be full-time students. Team members receive perks such as beauty sponsorships, event tickets, pro shop discounts and more throughout the season. 

How long is the hockey season? Hockey season typically begins in October, with the regular season ending in April. Playoffs can continue through June if the team should qualify.

What should I wear for my video submission? All candidates should be dressed in a sports bra/crop top, hot shorts/athletic shorts, and dance shoes or sneakersAny visible tattoos must be covered. 

How should I wear my hair and makeup? Candidates should have their hair full down and style as part of their "game day look". Makeup should be glamorous and flattering to your features. Makeup should include smoky eye shadow, blush, and red lipstick. False lashes are recommended. 

If you have any additional questions regarding the Florida Everbabes please email our Director Nina at FloridaEverbabes@Yahoo.com.