The Everbabes are the ice crew and dance team for the Florida Everblades! Attend a game and you will see them on the ice and cheering in the stands. The Everbabes take part in all in-game promotions and intermission games. They are also active members in the Southwest Florida community. Be sure to look out for your Everbabes at the next home game!


Dance Team Auditions
Saturday, August 26th 2017
Germain Arena

Registration 10 AM
Dance Auditions to begin promptly at 11 AM


What to Expect

Dance team candidates will be joined by veteran cheerleaders throughout each phase of the audition process. Each year returning dancers are asked to re-audition for their spot on the team.

Candidates will be asked to perform kicks, walks and turns across the floor. A short audition routine will be taught and performed for the judges in groups of three. In addition to the audition routine, candidates will also be asked to perform a short free style dance to show off their individual talents. Cuts will be made and finalists will be asked to return for training camp.

Ice Girls Auditions
Saturday, August 26th 2017
Germain Arena Rec Side
Registration time 3:00 p.m.

What to Expect
Ice girl candidates will be asked to perform several ice drills which will include shoveling, speed skating, stopping and skating with props such as flags and pom poms. Candidates will also be asked to show their individual skating skills and team spirit. In addition to on-ice skills, ice girls will be taught our Florida Everblades goal song dance. Candidates will perform the dance in small groups for our judges’ panel. No dance experience is required, only a positive attitude and a willingness to learn. Cuts will be made and finalist will be asked to return for training camp and interviews.

Finalist Training Camp
Monday, August 28th and Wednesday August 30th 6:30-9:00 PM

Dance team finalists will be asked to join us for a two night training camp. Training camp attire consists of a black sports bra, black dance shorts, tights and sneakers. Finalists will be judged on physical fitness and perfection of the audition routine. More audition choreography will taught during this phase of the audition process. Candidates will be asked to perform the routine(s) in small groups and possibly individually. Ice girl finalists may be asked to participate in sections on training camp. Ice girls will not be required to dance.


Finalist Interviews
Candidates will sign up for interview times with the Director and Captain. Interviews will take place during training camp. Candidates will be asked to come dressed in business attire. Finalists should be prepared to answer questions about the Florida Everblades organization, ECHL and hockey.

The 2017-2018 team will be announced on Friday, September 1st.

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  • Nina6th Season, Captain & Choreographer

  • Jacqueline4th Season, Promotional Captain

  • Meghan3rd Season

  • Alex L.3rd Season

  • Mia5th Season, Dance Captain

  • Kyleigh3rd Season

  • Teresa2nd Season

  • Sarah2nd Season

  • Natalie2nd Season

  • Liz2nd Season

  • Andrea2nd Season

  • Kelsey2nd Season

  • Alex F.2nd Season

  • Courtney B.Rookie

  • Courtney H. Rookie

  • Emily Rookie

  • AnalynnRookie

  • KelsiRookie

  • Kirsti Rookie

  • Marissa L. Rookie

  • Marissa M. Rookie

  • ShaneRookie