The Everbabes are the ice crew and dance team for the Florida Everblades! Attend a game and you will see them on the ice and cheering in the stands. The Everbabes take part in all in-game promotions and intermission games. They are also active members in the Southwest Florida community. Be sure to look out for your Everbabes at the next home game!

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  • Nina6th Season, Captain & Choreographer

  • Jacqueline4th Season, Promotional Captain

  • Meghan3rd Season

  • Alex L.3rd Season

  • Mia5th Season, Dance Captain

  • Kyleigh3rd Season

  • Teresa2nd Season

  • Sarah2nd Season

  • Natalie2nd Season

  • Liz2nd Season

  • Andrea2nd Season

  • Kelsey2nd Season

  • Alex F.2nd Season

  • Courtney B.Rookie

  • Courtney H. Rookie

  • Emily Rookie

  • AnalynnRookie

  • KelsiRookie

  • Kirsti Rookie

  • Marissa L. Rookie

  • Marissa M. Rookie

  • ShaneRookie